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13 March 2011

Special guests for dinner

And that demands something lovely for desert. So I have baked up a lovely lemon ricotta cheesecake. It tastes divine. Light, fresh and lemony.

We went for a walk this afternoon with our special guests and they relaxed so much. I think anyway. We went for A wander round the marshes and spotted a Marsh Harrier soaring high above looking for prey. We also spotted a Reed Bunting. Cute, beautiful little birdies. :o)


  1. OMG I love lemon cheesecake - the lemonier the better - are you able to share the recipe?

    Lisa xoxo

  2. Oooh yeah recipe!!! purleeeeez? *flutters eyelashes!*


  3. Of course Lisa. I kind of used a basic recipe and adjusted it.

    300g Philly light
    250g ricotta cheese
    250ml double cream elmlea light
    100g sugar
    Juice and rind of 2 lemons
    2 egg yolks

    Biscuit base

    I mixed all the cheeses and sugar together, added the eggs and the lemon rind and juice and mixed this. Then whipped the cream till it was at a soft peak stage and folded this into the cheese mixture.
    I added this onto the digestive biscuit base and baked for 40 mind at 180°c on fan oven.
    I cooled the cake in the pan and once cooled it went into the fridge for 6 hours.

    To finish it I sprinkled each individual piece with icing sugar and added 'lemon curd cream' Thus was the remainder of the pot of cream mixed to just after soft peaks then 2 tbsp lemon curd beat into it and refridgerated til it was firm enough to mould with a spoon.

    This cream added a real sweet lemony taste to the lightness of the cheesecake.


  4. Hehe. Nic too.
    I made the base with digestives and assume u know how to do that. ;o)

  5. Mmmm sounds fab!
    Will let you know when i make it :)
    Thanks so much!