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19 March 2011

Busy with our new family member.

I haven't had a chance to do much beading at all recently as we have a new family member

Meet Buford. (As in Buford T Justice from Smokey and the bandit films - not my choice but it does suit him) He is 8 weeks old and just like a baby. I turned the Hoover on and the poor thing shook like a leaf in a force 10 gale. He has a penchant for Processed peas too :o/ odd I know.

He is currently snuggled up on the sofa with an old fleece of mine over him and his mums rabbit for comfort. I have a glass of wine(not my first........or second ;o) ) and now I will attempt to do some more of my spiral thing I have been doing. No idea what it will be - I'm just Going and going at the moment playing with different bead amounts to see the effect it has on the spiral.

Or I might just sleep. There's been a severe lack on mine and Neil's part the last couple of nights.

13 March 2011

Special guests for dinner

And that demands something lovely for desert. So I have baked up a lovely lemon ricotta cheesecake. It tastes divine. Light, fresh and lemony.

We went for a walk this afternoon with our special guests and they relaxed so much. I think anyway. We went for A wander round the marshes and spotted a Marsh Harrier soaring high above looking for prey. We also spotted a Reed Bunting. Cute, beautiful little birdies. :o)

8 March 2011


I have started to actually WRITE a blog. I have started a new little project, one I think, for me. I got sent a beautiful stone from Helen of LaLaLampworking after our Bead Retreat last year and have never cabbed it. I always had trouble finding a colour to compliment it as it is kind of an orangy reddy colour. A visit to my Mum's, along with the stone and my various coloured delicas and a project has begun.

This is the stone