30 May 2011

Its been so long

I haven't posted for aaagggeessss. To be honest I haven't really had anything to show.

I went a bead retreat in Derbyshire last weekend and it was heaven. The lovely Donna of Delicate Sparkles organised it and there were 14 of us. Nearly double the amount there were last year. So, why was it heaven? Well we had wine, chocolate and so many talented beaders and Jewellery makers there that between them nothing was impossible. We beaded for the ENTIRE weekend. I still didn't finish anything only that I rebanded a ring. I came away with so many ideas just not enough time to make them all nor enough memory to store them. Something tells me I need to use one of my many paper pads to draw designs so as not to forget them. I say 'draw' in the loosest sense of the word - you would know why if you saw my drawings.

Anyway, while we were there we had a baby shower for the lovely Aster and it had a beady twist to it with lampies being the prize for the games. Lesley baked some really cute cupcakes and Helen of Lalalampwork made a special lampie pass the parcel. Aster, bless her had absolutely NO idea - even when everyone had disappeared from the table to congregate in the other cottage. She got lots of lovely gorgeous pressies for baby and a lovely advice book (you can imagine what was in it after all the nutty headers had finished).

We have booked for next year and it seems that we are overbooked!!!! I am not surprised as it was SO much fun.

Now I will get on to finishing a project so I can start playing with Bead Embroidery.

19 March 2011

Busy with our new family member.

I haven't had a chance to do much beading at all recently as we have a new family member

Meet Buford. (As in Buford T Justice from Smokey and the bandit films - not my choice but it does suit him) He is 8 weeks old and just like a baby. I turned the Hoover on and the poor thing shook like a leaf in a force 10 gale. He has a penchant for Processed peas too :o/ odd I know.

He is currently snuggled up on the sofa with an old fleece of mine over him and his mums rabbit for comfort. I have a glass of wine(not my first........or second ;o) ) and now I will attempt to do some more of my spiral thing I have been doing. No idea what it will be - I'm just Going and going at the moment playing with different bead amounts to see the effect it has on the spiral.

Or I might just sleep. There's been a severe lack on mine and Neil's part the last couple of nights.

13 March 2011

Special guests for dinner

And that demands something lovely for desert. So I have baked up a lovely lemon ricotta cheesecake. It tastes divine. Light, fresh and lemony.

We went for a walk this afternoon with our special guests and they relaxed so much. I think anyway. We went for A wander round the marshes and spotted a Marsh Harrier soaring high above looking for prey. We also spotted a Reed Bunting. Cute, beautiful little birdies. :o)

8 March 2011


I have started to actually WRITE a blog. I have started a new little project, one I think, for me. I got sent a beautiful stone from Helen of LaLaLampworking after our Bead Retreat last year and have never cabbed it. I always had trouble finding a colour to compliment it as it is kind of an orangy reddy colour. A visit to my Mum's, along with the stone and my various coloured delicas and a project has begun.

This is the stone